Section No. 1

Who we are?

“DiverCity” NGO was established in 2019, April. The purpose of the Organization is to promote the dissemination of pluralism and diversity. Also: to deal with the socialization of targeted and vulnerable people and to defend the Human Rights them, to help spread the word of cultural diversity, promote queer culture, and spread the idea of humanism․


The organization set a goal to support civic, youth, educational, environmental initiatives in human rights, education, media, health, culture, environment, agriculture, tourism, social, community development, and other spheres of life.


From the other side to promote the participation of persons with disabilities, LGBTQ + persons, women and girls, in all the spheres including human rights, education, media, health, culture, environment, agriculture; in other spheres of tourism, social, community development, and life

Section No. 2

Why do we need your support?

Today, “DiverCity” NGO needs its partners and supporters. The organization is a platform through which the organization’s stakeholders and beneficiaries can implement their ideas. Now, more than ever, we need a physical platform to launch the creation of “Eco” and “Diverse” platforms. It is important to mention that at the moment the organization has no physical space and the organization of work is carried out online.


We believe that the establishment of friendly relations between vulnerable and targeted groups can significantly promote the spread of democratic values and positive changes, therefore, we promote the active participation of LGBTQ + people, women and girls, other national and cultural identities, and people with disabilities in the field of culture, including in the fields of cinema, theater, fine arts, song-music, contemporary arts, street art, photography and other fields.


The goals of the organization are also to increase the level of education and awareness aimed at the non-violent struggle and environmental activism, on the other hand, to promote the spread of feminist values in Armenia, including through feminist education, capacity building, non-violent struggle and activism.


Thanks to your support we will have the opportunity to create “Eco” and “Diverse” platforms, involving vulnerable and targeted people. We work to identify and develop the potential of the organization’s beneficiaries. This will give an opportunity to create a platform that will promote engagement, activation of civil society, raising various social issues, etc. We do believe that through these platforms we will be able to start positive changes and create differences.