Frequently Asked Questions

When was “DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Human Rights Defender Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established?

The NGO was established on April 26, 2019. However, since 2022 DCNGO team decided to celebrate their anniversary on May 1, International Workers Day to emphasize the importance of the day.

Why is the name of “DiverCity” NGO and who established it?

The NGO was established by a group of young LGBT activists and allies who valued the protection of the rights of vulnerable and target groups and the ideology of biocentre diversity. That is why they decided to name the NGO “DiverCity”.

Who is involved in the team of the NGO?

The team of the NGO involves its members, volunteers and workers. Thus, taking into account the vulnerability and sensibility of the work of the NGO, to avoid getting people targeted the team is divided into internal and external members. Internal members are those about whom we do not publicly share any information and external members are those about whom we share information publicly.
Here you can see the external members of the Organization.

What are the values of “DiverCity” NGO?

The values of “DiverCity” NGO are fundamental human rights and freedom, eco-sensitivity, inclusion, human safety, transparency and accountability.

What ideas does “DiverCity” NGO work on?

The “DiverCity” NGO’s activities are based on the ideology of diversity according to which we value the safety of the rights of vulnerable groups and establishing friendly relations between them. On the other hand, the Organization works in a feminist direction since we think that gender issues which refer to young LBTQ+ women and girls are important.

What kind of aims does the Organization have? What is the Organization’s mission and vision?

The aim of the organisation’s activities is to spread pluralism and diversity, to deal with socialisation and protection of the rights of vulnerable and targeted young people as well as to contribute to the development and acceptance of cultural diversity in Armenia.

The mission of the Organization is to create a safe, dignified and favorable environment to freely self-realize, protect the rights of young LGBTQ+ people, women and girls, and promote the raising of their problems.

The vision of DCNGO is the diverse culture and a pluralistic society in which there are equal opportunities for each young person, regardless of gender, sexual orientation and gender identity.

What are the directions in which “DiverCity” NGO works?

“DiverCity” NGO works in human defence, social, educational and informational directions.

What are the DCNGO’s target groups?

The target groups of DCNGO are young LGBTQ+ people.

What kind of projects does “DiverCity” NGO implement?

Projects implemented by “DiverCity” NGO can be found here.

What kind of service does the Organization provide?

The Organization provides:

  • Non-formal education,
  • Legal consulting,
  • Self-care free consulting,
  • Comprehensive support for young people’s initiatives to implement their ideas.

How to follow an Organization's news?

You can follow our news on Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn) and also visit our website here. Moreover, you can follow our podcasts here.

How to join the Organization?

If you want to join the Organization you can follow this link and fill in the corresponding fields.

If I have an idea how can I share it with DCNGO team?

On our website, you can find the window “Diversity” where besides necessary information about diversity, you can put your idea and wait for the team to get in touch with you.

Where is the DCNGO’s office situated?

To avoid getting targeted and provide safety for the DCNGO’s team and beneficiaries, we do not make the office address public. Note, that we work online most of the time. If you want to visit the DCNGO we suggest that you get in contact with us using the following email address of phone number:

How to contact with the Organization?

On our website, you can find window «Contact us».

The Organization’s contacts are the email address and phone number below. You can also use the organization’s social media platforms.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact the “DiverCity” team through the email address.

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