The more diverse a society, the more developed it is.

Culture is the lens we use to evaluate our surroundings: what’s appropriate or inappropriate, acceptable or unacceptable. When we deal with another culture that is different from our own, we may have a culture shock and feel disorientation when interacting with a completely different culture.

We generally use our own culture as a sample to judge other cultures against it. However, the criticism can reach a level where people start to demonstrate discriminatory behavior against those whose “ways of survival” are different from those of their own. In fact, we tend to be afraid of anything we don’t understand.

Cultural diversity is important since our country, workplace and schools may consist of groups of people with different cultural, racial, ethnic and other characteristics. First we should possess certain level of awareness, understanding and solidarity to make the cooperation go smoother. Studying other cultures helps us understand different viewpoints and ideologies existing in the world and overcome personal stereotypes and biases towards other groups.

In addition, cultural diversity helps us recognize and respect the “ways of life” that are not consistent with our own, so that when we interact with others, we can build bridges for trust, respect and recognition of cultural diversity. Moreover, this diversity makes our country more interesting, as people from different cultures introduce us to new ways of thinking, to a new language, new knowledge and new experience.

«Հասարակության Բազմազանությունը»

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This was translated by Lusine Marutyan.