In today’s episode, we have the privilege of hearing from the mother of an LGBT person who opens up about her journey of acceptance and unconditional love for her gay son. She shares the challenges she faced in confronting societal homophobia and how she navigated through them with resilience and empathy.

Throughout the conversation, the mother openly talks about the struggles many parents encounter when their children reveal non-traditional gender identities or sexual orientations. She emphasizes the lack of awareness about sexuality in society and how it often leaves parents unable to support their children effectively.

Despite these obstacles, she offers invaluable advice based on her own experiences. She urges parents to prioritize understanding, empathy, and open communication with their children. By fostering an environment of acceptance and unconditional love, parents can empower their children to embrace their true selves.

Note: The podcast is in Armenian only.



The podcast recorded is by Aaron Rosner, a participant of the training course, “Leadership Training Course for Youth.” The training course took place within the framework of the program “Youth Workers for the Future,” after which the youth workers actualize their ideas.
Let us remind you that project “Youth Workers for the Future” was funded by Planet Romeo Foundation.

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