Leyla (placeholder name) moves through Yerevan’s streets, carrying a secret. In Armenia, where tradition holds sway, being a queer bisexual is a real challenge. Leyla feels torn between two worlds, hiding her true self to fit in.

From childhood, Leyla sensed she liked both boys and girls. But in a society where only straight relationships are accepted, she struggled a lot. With no one to turn to, she kept her feelings hidden, afraid of rejection.

Now, Leyla is more open about her gender identity and sexual orientation and she usually finds comfort in small communities. Even though she is still cautious at workplace and in public, Leyla dreams of a day when love recognizes no boundaries. Being herself might be hard, but Leyla believes it’s worth it. Currently, she always tries to be an example for other young queer and bisexual individuals not to be afraid to explore their sexuality. Just a small act of bravery in a world will be the one drop in the ocean, creating waves of acceptance and understanding.


(The podcast is only in English)


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