From now on “DiverCity” NGO will be called “DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Human Rights Defender NGO instead of “DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Humanitarian NGO.

We are glad to announce that at the beginning of 2021, the organization, planning its strategy, has made statutory changes, including officially starting to act as a human rights defender organization. The organization has been around for over two years and during those two years has not refrained from legal activities. DCNGO has repeatedly registered cases of violations of vulnerable and targeted people, especially towards GBTIK+ people in military commissariats.

After the epidemic and the Second Artsakh War, the Organization needed to be more fully involved in legal processes and later to expand the target group in order to carry out more legal activities.

More specifically, from now on, the Organization will be engaged not only in the socialization and advocacy protection of LGBTQ people, but also of people with other gender identity and sexual orientation, of women and girls, of people with other national-cultural identity, of people with disabilities, of people with other interests and rights (vulnerable and targeted people).

On the other hand, expanding the scope of its activities and tasks in accordance with the RA Legislation, from now on, the followings are part of the activities of DCNGO:

  • Promoting the active participation of LGBTQ+ people, women and girls, other national-cultural identities, and people with disabilities in the field of environment;
  • Promoting the spread of feminist values in the Republic of Armenia, including promoting through feminist education, capacity building, nonviolent struggle and activism;
  • Carrying out research activities within the framework of the statutory goals and objectives of the Organization;
  • Promoting the participation of LGBTQ+ people, women and girls, other national and cultural identities, and people with disabilities in all public spheres including human rights, education, media, healthcare, culture, environment, agriculture, tourism, social, community development and in other life spheres.

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