Dear colleagues and followers, as we have already published, “DiverCity” NGO celebrated its second anniversary on April 26 of this year. We would like to remind you again that the main goal of the organization is to promote pluralism and diversity in Armenia, as well as to socialize vulnerable and targeted people, to protect their interests and rights.

Since its foundation, the organization as well as the “Eco DiverCity” youth, educational initiative, have already managed to involve more than 950 people in their programs and events, to implement 6 programs, more than 10 trainings, more than 100 different events, meetings, seminars, webinars, discussions, etc. You can find out more about “DiverCity” NGO on our Facebook (“DiverCity” NGO | “Eco DiverCity” initiative), YouTube, Instagram and Twitter social media platforms.

We are pleased to announce that Artak Adam has been re-elected President of the “DiverCity” NGO.

On April 30, 2021, at the regular meeting of the Assembly of the organization, it was decided not to change the role of the members and to continue working in the same way as before. It should be reminded that until now Artak was the chairman of the organization and coordinated the programs of the organization. Despite this, the organization has horizontal management, and the decisions are made by the Assembly, with the full consent of all. The members of the Assembly are the employees of the organization, the main members but not the volunteers, the interns.

Thus, the members of the Assembly of “DiverCity” NGO are:

Artak Adam – Founder-President and Program Coordinator

Liza Sahakyan – Feminist Projects Coordinator

Yuliya Nikoli – Creative leader and youth worker

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