We are thrilled to share the crowdfunding campaign “DiverCity” NGO launched recently.

This is a revolutionary campaign to sustain our safe youth center where we welcome everyone regardless of their identities and where we provide 0 discrimination.

The youth center is mainly for targeted and vulnerable groups, like LGBTQ+ people, women and girls as it is important for them to have a place where they can hosted warmly and without any kind of prejudice.

Besides, now we are working with targeted and vulnerable groups from Artsakh. As is known, recently over 100.000 Armenians of Nagorno-Karabagh, were forcibly evacuated to Armenia. We need to preserve the youth center more than ever to be able to provide them our services, consultation, and support. Right now, are also using the space to collect aid for other evacuated people and later on, we plan to organize gatherings and meetings to give psychological support.

Apart from that, here, young individuals can gather with their friends and set the beginning of big and bright changes to develop our country.
We believe in the potential and power of the community and that is why we are turning to you, our supporters, to help us maintain this place. Your contribution, no matter how much, will save the lives of the LGBTQ+ people, women and girls, creating more opportunities and helping them feel like a true member of the society. Due to this youth center, many young people are able to self-realize in life and it is because of this warm environment that they feel no less human being than others. Thus, we are aiming to sustain the space despite all the difficulties and challenges we are facing. And we ask you to do the same by donating us which will have a direct impact on the success of our mission.

How to donate us?

You can have your investment through GoFundMe platform just by clicking on the link and following the instructions.
Remember, this is not just about funding – it’s about being a part of a movement for inclusivity and empowerment.

Join us in shaping the bright future for the youth of Armenia. Together, we can dream big and turn all of them into reality!
Thank you for being part of this journey!

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