In this article, we are sharing the highlights of our recent three-day training program, made possible by the financial aid by the “Right SIDE” Human Rights Defender NGO and the support of the “Red Umbrella” Fund.

  • The budget of the project was 500 euros,
  • The number of the participants engaged in the project was 25, with 90% of them between 18-30,
  • The duration of the project was 2 months.

Over the course of the three intensive days, participants delved into a wide range of topics that undoubtedly shaped their understanding and approach to youth engagement.

On the first day, the participants learned about what young people need today and how to communicate effectively with them. They also talked about the opportunities in youth work. Each moment helped them become better advocates for young people.

On the second day, the participants had lively discussions about various topics. They started by talking about how young people can be more involved, like making decisions and working together on projects. Then, the participants had small group discussions where they felt connected and had a common goal. They finished the day by talking about the power of working together as a team and dreaming big.

The last day was the most exciting. The participants learned about managing youth projects, which means planning carefully, doing things well, and keeping an eye on how things are going. They also talked about the challenges young people face in different communities. Finally, participants worked in small groups to come up with ideas and plans to tackle the issues they care about.

As our participants emphasized in the feedback survey, they enjoyed the lessons to a great extent and each of them stated how the training contributed to the enrichment of their knowledge and development of specific skills. Additionally, they expressed their desire to have such training courses more often and for a longer time.

Overall, these three days were a big deal for our participants. Now, they are on the path to making a real difference in youth work.

As we wrap up this transformative training course, we have to emphasize that together, they are building a brighter future for Armenian youth, one step at a time. 💪🌟

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