What is the “Ughecuyc”?

The Ughecuyc.am is an interactive map that accompanies people with disabilities by providing information, showing the routes of the available minibuses, as well as all the public areas of the Republic of Armenia, according to their level accessibility. It is possible to leave a note about new buildings in the Ughecuyc.am, to evaluate and to use the feedback. The Ughecuyc.am was created by the “DiverCity” NGO.

The functions of the “Guide” application are:

  • To provide information about the location accessibility

The user of the Ughecuyc.am application can get information about the inclusion or inconvenience of the buildings. The user can add information about the new point (building, structure or place) and leave a comment and assessment on the accessibility of that point through feedback.

  • To show the available route

The user of the Ughecuyc.am application can see the inclusive public minibus routes in the Republic of Armenia.

  • To send quick applications to the Government

When a place or building receives ten negative responses, the application automatically sends a message (complaint) to the relevant authorities to resolve the problem.

To use the Ughecuyc.am you can watch this video, visit our YouTube channel, join the telegram group or just follow the DCNGO’s pages on other social platforms and Facebook page of the ughecuy.am web application.

You can read the Users Guide to get acquainted with the detailed description of creating an account, adding places and ratings.

Research information

During the creation of the Ughecuyc.am application, the organization sent official requests to a number of government agencies, on the basis of which the Ughecuyc.am volunteers completed the application, on the other hand, the working team collected and gathered some research information, made several observations and suggestions. Check out the research information here.

Contact us

We have been refining the Ughecuyc.am app since day one, so your feedback is extremely important to us. Leave your ratings or contact the organization by email ughecuyc@gmail.com or through our social platforms.

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