Another project implemented by “DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Human Rights Defender NGO 

Being an organization working with young, vulnerable, and targeted groups and individuals, as well as protecting their rights and interests, we have recently executed the project “Fostering Organization’s Potential” with the aim of making diversity and pluralism more recognized and acceptable. It has been actualized with the financial aid of the “Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism” organisation. 

Project Budget 

The project’s total budget was $11,600. 

Project Implementation Dates 

The project lasted for 8 months, from April to November. 

Project Purpose 

The main goal of the project was to develop the organization and reveal its potential. 

Project outcomes  

The project had various outcomes, including: 

  • Completing and finalizing the strategic development plan,
  • Development of several policies, such as financial and procurement—some of the most important ones,
  • Establishing connections with new funds and initiating new programs for the realization of the goals of the organization, through the involvement of a fund developer, 
  • Providing a safe office area and creating a safe center for the beneficiaries of the organization, in this case for young LGBTQ+ people, women, and girls.

Thanks to this project, “DiverCity” NGO has broadened its international cooperation, becoming a member of several networks, boosting stable connections with many individual experts and local and foreign organizations, continuing to actively provide its services, including non-formal education, legal consultancies for GBTQ+ conscripts, and supplying comprehensive support to other initiatives that need resources.

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