“DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Humanitarian NGO conducted a series of 5-day webinars in Armenia on July 27 as part of Gender Equality Day to discuss a number of topics that are essentially related to gender, gender issues, gender-based discrimination and gender equality.

“Gender Equality Day in Armenia” on July 27 has started “Society Without Violence” NGO. Turning to the importance of gender education, SWV NGO has done a lot of activities to get gender equality in Armenia. “DiverCity” NGO cooperating with a few NGOs that work in the field of human rights, especially on the issue of gender equality, implemented “5-days gender discussion”.

Each webinar of “5-days gender discussion” has targeted an important topic that is actual nowadays. On the other hand, the discussions were informative.

On July 26 our lecturer was feminist, activist Arpi Balyan, who was speaking about history of feminism.

On July 27 Aida Marukyan was with us, who is a worker at Women Resource Center NGO, also a freelance expert on gender issues. The topic was “Gender, Gender Stereotypes”.

On July 28 our lecturer was Mariam Raven Kurshudyan, who is the founder director of “4FEM” Women Rights Defender NGO. She was speaking on this topic “Gender Discrimination as an Encumbrance for the Political Involvement of the Women”.

To continue our discussions on July 29 our guest was Mamikon Hovsepyan from PINK human rights defender NGO who was speaking about “Gender Discrimination to LGBTQ+ People”.

And the last webinar we had on july 30 on the topic “The Main Problems of Prisoner Women and Girls” The lecturer was Nare Hovhannesyan from “Center for Legal Initiatives” NGO.

“DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Humanitarian NGO was established in 2019. The purpose of the Organization is to promote the dissemination of pluralism and diversity, to help spread the word of cultural diversity, promote queer culture and spread the idea of humanism.

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