On March 25, the “DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Human Rights Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) presented the results of the “Reducing Discrimination in Armenia” project through accompanying events.

The presentation was attended by representatives of several civil society organizations, including NGOs, the media, foundations, etc., and representatives of the Human Rights Defender’s staff (see photos).

The event started with the opening speech of Artak Adam, President of DC NGO, who presented the activities, strategic directions, and the mission of the organization, as well as the objectives and activities of the “Reducing Discrimination in Armenia” Project.

It should be noted that the RA Ombudsman Kristine Grigoryan and the Deputy Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Armenia, George Monsanto were to deliver speeches but, unfortunately, could not attend the event.

After the opening speech, DC NGO researcher Anahit Mkrtchyan presented the report entitled “Discrimination against conscripts during medical examinations.” (see report), followed by a discussion entitled “Discrimination Prevention Legislation Gaps and regulations in Armenia.” 7 CSO and the ombudsman’s staff participated in the discussion.

The guests of the discussion were․

  • Nina Pirumyan, Head of the Research and Education Center, from the staff of the Office of the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia, used the exclusion of discrimination to address the functions of the Office of the Human Rights Defender in Armenia.
  • Artur Sakunts, Chairman of the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor Office, spoke about human rights violations based on discrimination and the need to exclude them.
  • Lilit Martirosyan, President of the “Right Side” NGO, spoke about the manifestations of discrimination against trans people and the need to exclude them.
  • Hripsime Kizogyan, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist of “Pink” NGO, spoke about the problems of LGBTQ + people.
  • “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO lawyer Shushan Khnkoyan referred to the discrimination and violations in the healthcare sector.
  • Sose Zakaryan, Public Relations Officer of the Yezidi Center for Human Rights, spoke about the systemic discrimination against young Yezidis, especially girls and women, said that Yezidi women and girls were suffering from a lack of education.
  • And Anahit Mkrtchyan, a researcher of the “DiverCity” NGO, summing up the discussion, emphasized the need for a law to ensure equality and eliminate legislative gaps and shortcomings of non-discrimination.

The discussion was followed by the presentation of the manual “For targeted and vulnerable citizens of pre-conscription and conscription age.” (see the manual), as well as the screening of a documentary film and an informational video shot by the organization.

Watch the documentary “ReIssuing Equality,” in which GBTQ + conscripts tell about their experiences in military commissariats and mental health centers.

Also, watch the informative video “Discrimination Prevention Legislation Gaps and regulations in Armenia.”

“DiverCity” NGO implements the “Reducing Discrimination in Armenia” project with the financial support of the European Union and in the scope of “Civil Society Actors as Divers of Change in the South Caucasus and Moldova.” project implemented by the “People in Need “Armenian office

Within the framework of this project, DC NGO has also conducted training courses for the staff of mental health centers and the vulnerable and targeted youth who are subjected to conscription.

It should be reminded that DC NGO was established in 2019, which aims to promote the development and recognition of cultural diversity in Armenia through human rights, social, educational, and information activities.

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