From July 1 to September 15 “DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Humanitarian NGO actualized short-term and feminist project called “ Today’s Zabel” by financial support of “Women in Black Armenia” peace -building initiative.

Purpose of the project was to promote awareness of feminism struggle on March 8 the day of women’s rights and emphasize feminist needs in Armenia.

Project purposes

  • To reinterpret the 8th of March as an international women’s day
  • To make feminist researches about March 8
  • To look into feminist struggle in Armenia
  • To stimulate obviousness of feminist struggle in Armenia
  • To promote rights awareness about Armenian, feminist poets among the youth

Expecting results

There were two expectations. The first expectation of the project was development of social mentality, obviousness of feminist struggle and rights awareness. The second expectation of the project was to spread results of the project, to stimulate information about girls’ and women’s political struggle on 8 March, to support concept of right-equality and to struggle against patriarchy.

Translation from Armenian into English | Vova Kaulitz

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