During June-July of 2020 “Eco DiverCity” youth educational initiative carried out a research entitled “Motivation of veganism and intersections of its environmental foundations in the approaches of people who consume meat in their diet”. The purpose of this research is to present the points of view and beliefs of vegans and those who consume meat about veganism, environmental protection, and the issues and conflicts between them.

The basis of creation of the research is the scope of the approaches of the beneficiaries. Separate sources, researches, and other materials were not studied. Based on the purpose of the research, the following problems were identified:

  • Studying the motivations of vegans to switch to that lifestyle.
  • Studying the attitudes of people who use meat in their diet to veganism and environmental protection.
  • Bringing up the points of view related to the issues and conflicts between the two sides.

You can familiarize yourself with the investigation here (The research is available only in Armenian).

The research was carried out by Artak Adam, a member of the initiative.

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