Adam always loved traveling and discovering new places, with a particular passion for exploring diverse cultures. Their journey to Sri Lanka was a remarkable experience, completely different from their home country, Armenia. Sri Lanka’s fascinating natural beauty and the collective effort to preserve it left a profound impression on Adam.

The cultural differences in Sri Lanka also stood out to Adam. They observed a more welcoming attitude towards tourists and greater tolerance among fellow citizens compared to Armenia. Adam speculates that Armenia’s historical conflicts might have shaped these contrasting social behaviors. Additionally, gender dynamics in Sri Lanka presented a different perspective for Adam.

During their stay, Adam established strong connections with several local LGBTQ+ community-based organizations and developed an extensive network. They noted various differences between the LGBTQ+ communities and activists in Armenia and Sri Lanka.

To delve deeper into Adam’s experiences and insights from their time in Sri Lanka, we invite you to listen to the podcast.

Note: the podcast is in Armenian


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