As you already know, “DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Human Rights Defender NGO has launched the “Th Voice of Diversity” initiative.

The mission of the “The Voice of Diversity” is to fill the Armenian media field with topics that are neglected, silenced, or presented incompletely and incorrectly. From now on, the “Voice” of vulnerable and targeted young people will be heard on online platforms, where they will present the issues raised around their rights, talk about the legal obstacles that prevent them from hindering their full self-expression and realization.

Within the framework of women’s rights on March 8, 2022, the next podcast of the “The Voice of Diversity” initiative on “Talk about the real meaning of March 8” is already available. Siran Hovhannisyan from the Women’s Fund in Armenia and DC NGO’s creative director Yuliya Nikol is talking in the podcast.

Watch it on YouTube.


You can also watch the documentary “Today’s Zabel” created by DCNGO which is about the rethinking and re-politicization of March 8.


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