Between November 9 and 10, 2023, the “Eco Diversity” youth educational initiative conducted a two-day course for a group of young people entitled “About Pollution and its Consequences”.
The purpose of the training was to raise the level of ecological consciousness among young people living in the region and Yerevan.
On the other hand, a dialogue about the consequences of pollution and the necessary importance of their elimination was formed among the participants of the two-day course and provided knowledge about the tripartite model of human-nature relations.

The training was attended by young people interested in environmental protection and environmental issues.

The trainers were:
🌱 vegan, environmentalist: Artak Adam,
🌱 eco-activist, expert on environmental issues, Arpine Galfayan.

During the two-day course, we talked about pollution, its types, causes, and, of course, consequences. The speakers also presented some data on the level of pollution in Armenia and the negative effects of mining and mine operations.

As a result, the participants learned about the barriers caused by environmental protection and exploitation of nature, for example, pollution-resulting diseases that are common among people. They also got an idea about the consequences of pollution as well as the exploitation of the largest mines in Armenia, their current condition, the people in charge of them, and the role of the state in the process of eliminating the consequences of pollution.

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