The “ARMAT” initiative group, together with the “Eco DiverCity” educational and youth initiative, held a meeting-discussion, the aim of which is to raise awareness about animal rights, on the other hand, to raise the level of legal and ecological awareness among young citizens about animals’ rights.

During the meeting, the following were discussed:

  • The animals’ domestications,
  • keeping animals at home,
  • problems of animal exploitation in order to make people’s lives easier and more interesting.

The key topics of discussion were:

  • animals’ rights,
  • those responsible for the animal exploitation process,
  • the role of each of us in the problem of animal exploitation.

The guests of the meeting were:

  • Lilit Veganyan, animal rights defender, founding member of the “Anonymous for Animals” initiative, vegan,
  • Artak Adam, queer activist, vegan.