LGBTQ+ people are still being attacked in the regions of Armenia.

An attempt at stabbing a non-binary individual

There has been a serial attack on an LGBT person, which they announced recently.

On June 24, 2022, in one of the suburbs of Hrazdan city, almost 10 underage boys tried to stab L. K., a non-binary person from Hrazdan (the name of the person is covert to avoid targeting).

While walking with their friend, L. K. noticed that about 10 minor boys were shouting at him loudly. They approached them, thinking that they just wanted to talk or ask something. Then, the boys turned the conversation into a fight, showing violent behaviour and, according to L. K., an inappropriate attitude towards them and the friend. During the conversation, which initially took place between the non-binary person and 2 of the mentioned minors, they were joined by 3 other unknown juvenile boys who incited the 2 boys to curse and assault the non-binary person by hitting them. The non-binary person called the police, after which the mentioned boys approached the non-binary person and tried to hit them 2-3 times. However, L. K. was able to prevent the violence through self-defence, using tear gas against two of the boys and fleeing to the nearest kindergarten, where they would feel safer because it was still working and there were other people. During the escape, most of the boys threw stones with a diameter of 5–10 cm about 15 times at the non-binary person and chased the latter. 3–4 of the stones hit the person, which caused bruises and pain. Meanwhile, boys continued to shout insults and sexual abuse at L. K. and his parents.

During the entire time, L. K. called the police six times because they did not arrive at the place. Then, the police operators informed them that they could not arrive due to the unclear description of the place.

After the calls, L. K. noticed that the mentioned boys were joined by others—about 7-8 people—who tried to approach them with sticks and cold weapons as well as pocket knives. The employees of the kindergarten also noticed the incident and provided support by calling L. K. inside and sending them to the nearest police station by taxi.

According to L. K., the first two boys who started the fight were not residents of the area, and the others were probably their friends who live in Hrazdan. They note that, given their age, all of them were underage and their parents were not with them.

K. presented a report on the incident. As a result of the investigation, a criminal case was initiated about ten days later. Approximately a month later, the case was dismissed. The police did not notify L. K. of the decision to dismiss the case, which L. K. learned about by visiting the regional police station

According to L.K., the police treated them condescendingly, ridiculed his identity and appearance, and showed an unequal and disdainful attitude, resulting in a feeling of discomfort and insecurity.

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