On August 15, 2023, a group of young people attacked two transgender sex worker women, G. Karapetyan and V. K. They used physical force, at the same time making sexual slurs and threatening them.

As trans women report, the same youngsters approached them a week before the case and threatened to use physical force alongside with claims that “they will see no good”. Then, the group warned to be back. The reason is that the girlfriend of one of the abusers lives near the place of the case, on Komitas avenue.

As trans individuals claim, the basis of the fraud is the hatred towards them. One of the trans women’ was shot in her head and back with two rubber bullets by the guys, aged 20-23. 15 minutes later, the group returned to the trans women, and the shorter and fit one hit one of the women in her head with a foot and threw her on the asphalt. Then, he hit the other woman in her chest again, throwing her on the asphalt.

The guys threatened them and used sexual slurs over and over again, they humiliated the two women and violated their dignity.

After experiencing injuries and severe physical pain in their bodies, trans women called the police, who arrived half an hour later, and urged them to come to the police station to report the crime.

Then the women called “DiverCity” NGO, received legal consultation and arrived at the police station accompanied by a lawyer from one of the partner organizations and filed a report about the crime.

“DiverCity” NGO expresses its deep concern about the recently increasing violence, which is manifested on the basis of hatred against LGBTQ+ people. Unfortunately, trans people, being more vulnerable, bear the consequences of hatred many times more.

LGBTQ+ people are subjected to continuous violence of a periodic nature, discrimination based on hatred, which is reflected in physical, psychological and economic forms.

We call on all the human defenders and responsible bodies and people to be consistent with such kinds of crimes in general and LGBTQ+ individuals and trans people in particular.

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