Dear followers, as you know, “DiverCity” NGO within the framework of the EU-funded Eastern Partnership “Adapt-an-App Sprint” project implemented the “Companion Map Armenia” program, within the framework of which created the web application.

The is an interactive map of public places according to their accessibility for people with disabilities.  The whole territory of the Republic of Armenia will be included in the application. You can see the attachment at the following link:

During the implementation of the project, the team of “DiverCity” NGO cooperated not only with several organizations operating in the field but also with more than 30 volunteers who had their invaluable contribution to the completion of the Application..

The work with the volunteers started in the beginning of March and continued for more than a month and a half. All the work with volunteers was done online, taking into account the COVID-19 pandemic. Some photos are attached.

The work of the volunteers was mainly in supplementing the web application. The work was carried out in two dimensions: home and city groups. The volunteers of the home group supplemented the location data obtained by the organization through surveys in cooperation with government agencies and the city group carried out offline locations, each in its own community, that is, in different administrative districts of Yerevan. Several locations were also done in Vanadzor. At this moment the locations are still going on.

On the other hand, the volunteers were actively distributing the information posters and leaflets of the web application.

All volunteers received certificates of encouragement as a sign of gratitude.

Although the work was done mainly online, offline meetings were also very important for us so we had two similar meetings. During the first meeting, the volunteers were provided with information leaflets about the “Ughecuyc” web application; recommendations for access to government agencies, posters, stickers, etc as well as additional information about the ongoing program and the rules for using the application were presented in more details. And during the second meeting the official closing of the program took place and the volunteers were provided with certificates of gratitude, then we watched several videos, films, etc. shot by the Organization.

The meetings were held in the office of the “Armenian Progressive Youth” NGO that is a partner of the “DiverCity” NGO.

It should be reminded that the web application was launched with a strong working team. The members of the team are Hasmik Sargsyan: designer, independent specialist; Tigran Sargsyan: web developer, programmer, independent specialist and Artak Adam: program coordinator, founder-president of “DiverCity” NGO.

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