Dance Of Dignity | Episode 1 | Eco-Electro
With the utmost enthusiasm, honor and dignity, we are thrilled to invite you to participate in the first massive rave to promote environmental protection. This time, part of the income will be donated to support the development of eco-systems and eco-tourism in Armenia cooperating with “Eco DiverCity” youth and educational initiative.
The main objectives of the event are
• To promote the love for nature and the development of ecotourism in Armenia.
• To develop electronic music in Armenia and to promote widely the art works of native artists.
We believe that the new Armenia should be presented to the World with Honor, becoming the new center of electronic music, so do come and Dance for dignity, for the environment and for the new Armenia.

#EcoDiverCityInitiative #էկոբազմազանություննախաձեռնություն