“DiverCity” NGO is always working for the benefit of the vulnerable youth and based on their needs. Recently, our beneficiaries talked about the need for English lessons and we decided to organise online lessons for them. Thus, we came up with an idea to conduct five-day training courses to master English.
It took place in August once per week. During the lessons, participants had the chance to foster their speaking and listening skills which was of huge support to them. This journey has proven to be an enlightening and transformative experience for learners of all levels, from A1 to B2. These intensive learning sessions offered a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the language, enhance skills, and gain confidence. Over the course of five days, participants engage in a diverse range of activities, from vocabulary building to interactive discussions, creating an impactful and well-rounded learning experience.
The course included watching video materials, reading texts, elaborating on various topics, sharing one’s experience, posing questions and engaging in meaningful conversations. It created a network of young people who are eager to extend new horizons and unlock new achievements.

In their feedback, participants expressed their gratitude for the lessons and hoped to have more opportunities like that.
In conclusion, these five-day English lessons were an adventure in language mastery. From establishing a foundation to expanding vocabulary, enhancing communication skills, getting acquainted with the culture, each day was a unique experience. They did not only equip learners with language skills but also empowered them to continue their growth beyond the traditional lessons, making language learning a fun and interactive process.
The lessons were held by our volunteer, Mari Makarian, who studies at UWC Dilijan, loves English and enjoys helping people. In 2022, she volunteered as an English tutor at Dilijan Community Center.

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