On Octobed 21, “DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Human Rights Defender Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) organized a close movie screening in Yerevan presenting 8 videos. LGBT people, allies, LGBT-based NGOs, representatives of CSO working in the field of human rights and other interested people attended the event.

The video demonstrate LGBT people’s and allies’ experience about coming out process. LGBT people are talking about the importance and necessity of coming out, whereas allies are showing their attitude change towards LGBT people when they came out to them. All the heroes of the videos give much importance to October 11, Coming Out National Day, the aim of which is to promote and support LGBT people who come out.

At the beginning of the event a panel discussion was held with the following speakers:

  • Luiza Vardanyan, lawyer and human rights defender at “Pink” Human Rights Defender NGO,
  • Ruzanna Aslikyan, social worker at “Parents for equality” NGO,
  • Artak Adam, president at “DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Human Rights Defender NGO.

During the panel, speakers discussed several issues about coming out, such as why it is important, how much it is spread in Armenia, what kind of events and activities should be held, etc. The panel was facilitated by Melanie, fundraiser at “DiverCity” NGO. It was followed by watching the videos after which guests started a large discussion, asked each other questions and gave answers.

There were around 30 attendees in the event.

The screening of the videos was organised by “DiverCity” NGO, with the financial support of the Swedish government and whiten the framework of the “Coming Out is Important” project implemented by “Pink” NGO through a sub-grant on October 11, National Coming Out Day.

Let us remind you that the purpose of the project “Coming Out is Important” is to publish a coming-out video series that includes life stories of LGBT people and allies encouraging others to change attitudes about the LGBT people and increase their visibility.

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