The project “Youth Work for the Fundamental Rights of Sex Workers” was made possible by the financial support by the “Right SIDE” Human Rights Defender NGO and the support of the Red Umbrella Fund. 

Project Budget 

The entire budget of the project was 500 euros. 

Project Implementation Dates 

The project was implemented in 2 months, August and September. 

Project Purpose 

To educate 5-10 sex workers and LGBTQ+ people about youth work and methods of working with young individuals, which they, as activists, will be able to convey to others to raise awareness about human rights.

Expected results

Initially, it was planned to involve 5-10 LGBTQ+ people in a three-day course and raise awareness about youth work among them. As a result, 25 people took part in the training, with 90% of them being young people aged 18-30. 

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