“Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.” 

You should avoid imposing values on others that can be contradictory or inconsistent with the cultures different from our own.

When interacting with other people who do not speak your native language you should be aware that their language barriers do not necessarily reflect their mental or intellectual activity level.

You should be aware that perception of ideas of family, gender roles, spirituality and emotional well-being, vary across different cultures and it influences behavior.

Whether in the workplace, in the educational environment, and / or in the clinical environment, you should speak in favor of the materials that represent different cultural groups in the local community or in society in general.

You should properly intervene when you notice any behavior indicating cultural indelicacy, demonstrating bias or prejudice.

You should be tolerant and kind towards people different from you and be able to listen to their ideas that might differ from yours.

At the heart of cultural diversity lies the idea that each individual can make a unique contribution to a broader society, not despite being different, but due to being different.

Let’s imagine a place where diversity is recognized and respected, where different cultural ideas are accepted and valued, where all groups are encouraged to contribute and people are able to demonstrate their full potential, and moreover, they don’t hide their differences.

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This was translated by Lusine Marutyan.