Dear Partners, we are happy to announce that the “DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Human Rights Defender NGO, within the framework of the “Adapt-an-App Sprint” program and by the financial support of the EU, is implementing the “Companion Map Armenia” project, during which the Organization creates the Armenian version of the “” application.

“Provodnik” is an interactive map which points the public places according to their accessibility for people with disabilities. The whole territory of the Republic of Armenia will be included in the appendix. The locating accessibility on the map is done through the comments and assessments left by the users and downloaders of the app (available, not available, partially available, etc.). Soon the application will pass a testing process, after that it will be launched, for which the Organization needs information and support in order to complete and clearly locate all the places and areas. Initially, we plan to locate Yerevan and Vanadzor and we invite all structures operating in the field of cooperation, CSO representatives, individuals, activists and those who are interested.

The information required by the Organization includes a description of the accessibility of the structures, buildings and all the places in Armenia and/or the statistical information that you have, in order to improve the application. In particular:

  • Presence of a ramp
  • Elevator availability and accessibility
  • Accessible toilet
  • Is the door wide enough for the wheelchair to enter?
  • Accessibility of pedestrian crossings
  • Escalator availability և accessibility
  • Convenience of transportation
  • Restrictive structures (columns, special cover, etc.)
  • Availability of audio and video speakers
  • Structures և institutions under reconstruction or in poor condition, etc.

 The Organization remains committed to its values և continues to work for vulnerable and targeted people.

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