“DiverCity” Social-Cultural, Human Rights Defender NGO was established in 2019, April. The purpose of the Organisation is to promote the dissemination of pluralism and diversity. Also: to deal with the socialization of targeted and vulnerable people and to defend the Human Rights of them, to help spread the word of cultural diversity, promote queer culture and spread the idea of humanism․

“DicerCity” NGO’s mission is to promote LGBTQ+ people and people with other identities, especially people with other cultural identity protection of the privileges, to create safe space for active youth promoting the speaking up about the problems of our target groups.

The vision of “DiverCity” NGO is to create a diversity and pluralism culture, for promoting the protection of LGBTQ+ people, allies, people with other identities and self-expression in all areas of life․

Our values are
Human Rights including dignity, quality, diversity, peace, and safe spaces for vulnerable and targeted groups.

Local Partners